Let's Win Progressive Power in Charleston's City Hall!

Joe stands with West Virginia teachers Charleston is ready for change - but we need to work for it!

We're going door-knocking all over Charleston every Saturday  from March 31st to May 5th! (the Primary is May 8th). We need to get out the vote for more progressive voices in City Hall!

You're invited to join our mass canvassing program! We'll come together as 15-30 volunteers every Saturday from March 31st to May 5th and then we'll fan out in pairs, talking with neighbors across Charleston to discuss the issues that matter to them.

We'll also share our ideas to support hurting and working families - including raising up the fight for a living wage! This campaign isn't just about winning - it's about building power. Join us on one or a few Saturdays to build friendships and connections that will carry over into bringing much-needed heat to City Hall.

Sign up now to join our mass canvassing operation and be a part of a promising next chapter for the future of Charleston!

PS: For the most part, we'll have two shifts each Saturday (12-3pm and 4-7pm). Each shift will start at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation with a kick off training and snacks. We know some folks can only make one or two Saturday shifts - that's GREAT! Sign up now and we'll be in touch 🙂