Let's fight for working families

Joe for Charleston

I'm running for Charleston City Council At Large to fight for working and struggling families in West Virginia’s capital city.

I believe Charleston has the power to create change for its residents and become a beacon of hope and possibility for the rest of the state. We can pass livable wage ordinances for our city’s big box employers, and demand worker protections like paid sick leave.

About Joe

Joe Solomon is a community organizer, small business owner, and social worker.

For the past five years, Joe has been working hard to help the city of Charleston. Joe led efforts to deliver clean water during the water crisis, co-organized the first waterfront rally to welcome refugees, and stands up for healthcare for all. Joe also set up the used book room in Taylor Books, and launched Charleston’s first downtown co-working space.

Standing Up For Working Families

Charleston is hip, historic, and hurting. Too many of our residents put in too much time for too little pay - especially at big box retail and restaurant chains (where CEOs make millions). City Hall can change that. Together, we can fight for policies like a living wage, paid sick leave, and fair scheduling that can help people raise a family and build a healthy future in Charleston.  

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Charleston is ready for change - but we need to work for it. Volunteer for our campaign and be a part of a promising next chapter for the future of Charleston.



I'm committed to fighting for working and hurting families — and I hope you'll join me. Chip in to support our people-powered campaign today.


Get In Touch

Want to talk? Shoot me an email any time at joe [at] joeforcharleston.com or call me at (304) 410 0795.

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