Work Together for Working and Struggling Families

Charleston is hip, historic, and hurting. Too many of our residents put in too much time for too little pay — especially at big box retail and restaurant chains (where CEOs make millions). City Hall can change that. Together, we can fight for policies like a living wage, paid sick leave, and fair scheduling that can help people raise a family and build a healthy future in Charleston.  

Scale Up Opioid Recovery

There is so much more we can do to save the loved ones who are still with us. I believe our city would do well to hire an Opioid Recovery Coordinator and I support Amy Goodwin’s plan to bring agencies together on a regular basis to coordinate and fill gaps. I will absolutely defend the needle exchange and I also believe we should advance safe injection site, which research shows would save more lives, lower crime, and decrease street needles . Moreover, the city can take more innovative steps including working with the Kanawha County Board of Education to identify and intervene with at-risk youth in our region’s elementary, middle, and high schools.

Decriminalize Homelessness

I will be a voice in City Hall that calls for compassion and worthiness in the ways we work with our homeless community. I will take advice from our amazing providers at places like Covenant House and Prestera. I will also put our solutions in context - homelessness is a symptom of hard lives becoming harder. That’s why we need to fight for working and struggling families. Also, let’s bring back the benches!

Support Small Businesses

As a small business owner, I know how hard it is to make a bricks and mortar business work. I believe that to help more of our downtowns thrive, we need to put the heat on out-of-town vacant landlords who are benefiting from our eyesores. I also believe by fighting for fair wages at Big Box and Big Chain businesses, more people will have more money and more time to spend supporting their downtowns.

Support the West Side

For too long, City Hall has broken promises and refused to engage with integrity with the West Side. I support Amy Goodwin’s plan to place City Councilors who are based on the West Side on CURA’s board. I will invest time and resources to rebuild trust - including supporting town halls, listening sessions, and getting to work to help Charleston keep its now decade-old promises.

Support Arts, Culture, & Youth

I’ve worked hard to develop more communities of art and culture in Charleston & WV - including setting up improv and writing groups, launching our first downtown co-working space, and producing a feature film with an all-mountaineer cast. I support our robust arts and culture community and would be excited to support youth and community members on projects like a Fringe Festival, a Charleston TEDx, a Summer Coding Camp, a larger co-working space, or whatever ideas we can get fired up about! Let’s talk.